Maunula Talo, a youth centre here in Helsinki, organised a science weekend open to the public, and with the science communication organisation The Science Basement we organised an “Ask a scientist” session where we received questions from young kids and adults! We also prepared colouring pages for the youngest of our audience, so they can also get an understanding on science! Respecting the COVID-19 situation we joined remotely and for those being present keeping distances and wearing a mask was advised. The experience was amazing, and I was thrilled when at the end two kids expressed their wish to study the space! As a researcher and a science communicator there is nothing as rewarding as inspiring kids to do science! Looking forward to the future and our paths crossing! A big thank you to Dr. Stephany Mazon (INAR) for gathering us together to organise this event, and to the remaining of the team Lea Urpa, Aleksandra Dobrego, Safak Er, Dina Alfaouri, Birte Rörup, and Sarah Barrass  for putting everything together and answering science questions in their fields! (photo credit: Dr. Stephany Buenrostro Mazon)